John Kapelos
John Kapelos

John Kapelos continues to be a sought after performer who has been acting professionally since 1978. Adept in both comedy and drama, Mr. Kapelos came to prominence while performing at THE SECOND CITY, CHICAGO. In his eight years at Second City, John covered every base: three years in the SECOND CITY NATIONAL TOURING COMPANY, six revues in the Resident Company, as well as Second City’s triumphant off-Broadway return in Orwell That Ends Well at Art D’Lugoff’s legendary Village Gate.

Fast forward to now where John has appeared in countless films. Recently in STICK IT!, FIFTY PILLS, AUTO FOCUS, PHIL THE ALIEN, AURORA BOREALIS, THE RIVER KING, SHALLOW GROUND AND MIMIC SENTINEL. He had an uncredited cameo in 2001’s summer comedy smash LEGALLY BLONDE where he delightfully played Dewey who is colorfully referred to as “trailer park trash”. In Marcus Nash’s amusing LA romp TRIPPING FORWARD John is Vladdy, a Russian mobster who has a penchant for chocolate truffles and human castration.

John’s television output continues to be prolific with four episodes of “Desperate Housewives” (where he portrayed Eva Longoria’s babybrokering attorney) as well as six episodes of “Queer as Folk,” and guest star appearances in “One Tree Hill” and “CSI:NY.” He co-starred with Anabella Sciorra in Lifetime’s “Identity Theft” and made striking appearances in “Without a Trace,” “Cold Case,” “Boston Legal,” “State of Grace,” “X-Files,” “The District,” “The Agency,” “Crossing Jordan,” “The Dead Zone,” “Judging Amy,” “ER” and “Boomtown.” John had a memorable comic turn in two episodes of Showtime’s “Dead Like Me” where he portrayed Angus Cook and in Bravo’s comedy “The Misadventures of Jackie Woodman” playing a maniacal movie studio head.

A generation of filmgoers may remember John in his appearances in John Hughes’ “brat pack trilogy.” First there was SIXTEEN CANDLES where as Rudy Rizczyk “the oily bohunk” John made hearts swoon! Then there was the ever-observant Carl who, as the custodian of the janitorial arts in THE BREAKFAST CLUB, offered his advice to the assembled detainees. And finally there’s Dino, the Greek owner of a Chicago Blues bar in WEIRD SCIENCE.

Other old favorites include Fred Schlepisi’s classic ROXANNE (as the silly skirt-chasing fireman Chuck), and Garry Marshall’s NOTHING IN COMMON (as Tom Hanks’ best friend, Roger St. John). John displayed a dramatic intensity as James Woods’ destructive associate in THE BOOST and in the Mike Figgis gem INTERNAL AFFAIRS. In HBO’s highly acclaimed film, THE LATE SHIFT (directed by fellow Second City Alum Betty Thomas) John employed both his comic and dramatic talents as David Letterman’s producer Robert Morton.